Hi Ladies-
I was wondering if anyone has experience with Posies by Patti, or Blossoms by Jillian?

I've narrowed it down to these two florists (based on location and reviews on this site), and I'm scheduling meetings with both of them...just thought I'd see if anyone had any thoughts


Re: Flowers

  • There are a ton of positive comments re: Flowers/Blossoms by Jillian in this thread:
  • I commented on the post that pepperally shared...I'm using Jillian. She is very professional, has great prices and does beautiful work! I don't have any experience with Posies by Patti so I can't really say that Jill is better though.
  • I called Posies by Patti as they were very close to my area. Her flowers from what I can tell are Gorgeous with a capital G. However, they were being very difficult with me when trying to book an appointment so I moved on. I ended up booking Blossoms by Jilliann and she was super easy to work with, very good at communicating and I was so happy with my bouquets and centerpieces.

    I think you would be very happy with the finished product by either florist, but I just found Jill to be more pleasant and better at communicating.
  • I am using Blossoms by Jilliann for my wedding next March. She was very professional, very easy to talk to, and her prices were incredibly reasonable!!! I can't wait to see the finished product!
  • @wponc01 I'm using her in March too!
  • Thank you all for your help! I have talked to Jill about my "vision" and plan to meet with Patti as well. I can let you know how it works out if anyone's interested!
  • I am using Budget Blossoms by Jilliann too. Her prices were way less than 4 other florists (i'm a comparison shopper) :)  My 2 friends used her this past year and their flowers were incredible and they loved her! I totally recommend her. It's a big decision! My flowers were going to be expensive no matter what but its much less than I was getting from the other florists!
  • Hey Ladies-just an update:
    I talked to Jill and met with Patti and decided to go with Patti. Both women were VERY friendly, helpful, and accommodating, but Patti really understood my "vision" and was willing to provide table runners and other small accessories I was planning on buying or making myself. 
    I'm doing a rustic DIY wedding, and wanted to make log disks for my centerpieces to sit on, so I think she saved me the most time/money. 
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