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Liberty house: suggestions on how to cut budget

Hi! We are thinking about getting married at liberty house in jersey city, nj. They seem firm on the price ($185 including an ice cream bar). Anyone have success negotiating with them? I am not interested in a Friday/Sunday wedding. Also, the minimum is 150 guests even though we will only have 125. We are not doing a sit down, rather we will have stations. Ideas? We want to sign the contract this week so that we don't loss the date. Help!!!

Re: Liberty house: suggestions on how to cut budget

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    I responded to you on the budget board
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    We are doing a Sunday and were able to get it down to $150 pp (including ceremony fee).  I think Saturdays are harder to negotiate though since it's more desirable...maybe they can cut out a few stations at cocktail hour?
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    I'd suggest you consider another venue if you're set on a Saturday wedding. They really have no reason to negotiate on price. As it stands, are you willing to pay for 25-40 empty seats or use filler guests? IMO, that can be used more constructively at a different venue.

    Have you checked Maritime Parc (next to Liberty House) or Waterside? I really liked Battello's in Newport Yacht Club pier. They were out of my budget but may be within yours. I loved the open feel to it and they have a really nice lounge room for cocktail area.
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