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No Drinks?!?

So we went to sign the contract and leave a deposit again the venue. Once everything was signed and settled we were chatting with the director when somehow the liquor license came up, as in, they don't gave one. Somehow in all our discussions with the venue and the caterer the fact that neither has a liquor license, only beer and wine. Mind you, I had several conversations with the caterer that we could purchase the liquor on our own and save the extra money. So now we're at a loss. We are absolutely not changing the venue, we absolutely love it, and obviously signed the contract. But we LOVE the caterer! We searched around a lot and they were honestly our favorite in food, price, and personality. What do we do? We can still technically gave cocktails since the venues wine/beer license covers saki and soju so they can be put into specialty cocktails, but still... No liquor?

Re: No Drinks?!?

  • I think it will be fine. As long as there are some alcoholic beverages available, I doubt any of your guests will have a problem, or even necessarily notice it. In my family, the vast majority prefer beer or wine, and the ones who enjoy cocktails don't mind other drinks or not drinking. In my experience, that's how most people are, though that could also depend on the regional culture.
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  • See if you can offer wine based signature drinks. Sangria or a white wine cocktail.
  • Alcohol is not necessary at a wedding reception.  There is nothing wrong with just serving beer and wine, either.  Food is more important IMHO!
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    Beer and wine is just fine to have.  Liquor is not a necessity.  Unless you had your heart set on some hard alcohol I think what you are able to serve will be fine.

    I would be kind of pissed with your venue/caterer for not disclosing this information before you signed the contract though.

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    I think you are fine. But I like the idea of hosting sangria!
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  • Thanks ladies! We're starting to feel better about it actually. We know it'll save us some money in the long run, and FI is liking the idea of soju (think unregulated Korean vodka) based drinks. I like the idea of sangria too!
  • I don't think this is a problem.  My wedding venue has a full liquor license and we are choosing to serve only beer and wine as that is what all of the guests drink on a regular basis.  I do not think that should be a deal breaker.  It is even possible for them to construct a cocktail using wine, those are my personal favorite :)
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  • You could have a sangria bar! Have carafes of a couple different kinds of sangria (maybe a red and a white) and then have different fruits that people could put in their drinks. I know I like mine with a lot of citrus, but I have a friend who likes sweeter berries like strawberries in hers. And then have ginger ale or soda water to top it off for a little fizz factor. It would also be pretty inexpensive because you usually use cheaper wine for sangria. At my wedding this fall I am having a mimosa bar. Prosecco, three different types of juice, and a few different fruits so people can make their own drinks. It's a cheap, interactive way for people to drink. 

    Use the money you were going to spend on liquor on your honeymoon or upgrade some other area of your wedding. Or, just save it and consider yourself lucky you don't have to provide liquor to a bunch of people. Good luck :)
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    That's a great idea! Thanks! But the caterer just emailed me saying they may have a solution... We'll see!
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    Woohoo! Caterer just got back to me saying they found a way to provide liquor! FI is thrilled! (I think we may still have a sangria or soju bar though)
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