Boston, MA area makeup artist for African American bride

Please help: I have had no success finding a makeup artist. And the recommended vendors on The Knot and other sites have no women of color in their galleries to show their experience.

I'm looking for a makeup artist, in the Boston area, who has experience with African American makeup. I want an artist who will come to the location, can apply lashes and possibly airbrush as well.


  • I'm using Krisann Kiley  She has a few women of color in her gallery.  She comes to the location and applies false lashes but I'm not sure about the airbrushing.  She did my makeup trial recently and my makeup held up and looked great for the whole night.  

    I'm caucasian, if it matters.
  • Thanks @diosa428 - I'll check her out. And no, it doesn't matter ;)
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    I actually already got married but am helping my sister, who lives in TX, plan her fall wedding here in Boston.  I noticed your post.  The makeup artist I used for my wedding definitely has experience with makeup for all ethnicities.  I remember the day I got my bridal trial her next appointment showed up early and she was African-American.  I recall seeing a bride on her website who was African-American as well-different from the girl I saw at my appointment.  Give her a call.  I know she has every shade of foundation in the rainbow.  I don't think she does airbrushing though.  her website is and her name is Liz.  Good luck!
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