Bridal Shower near Hamburg

Hello!! I need help finding a nice place for a bridal shower for around 30 people that works for someone on a budget! Please let me know if anyone has any recommendations! Thanks :)

Re: Bridal Shower near Hamburg

  • Peachtree Restaurant off Progress Ave has a great back room for free. Other ideas: Events Etc in Hershey, The Event Place in Middletown... firehalls and legions as well. I know the Linglestown firehall has a nice smaller room, separate from the normal banquet room, that has a kitchen that would be a nice space for 30. There's a new place in Hershey, called Historic Acres - I believe it's a couple hundred to rent the space for a shower-type event, but it's really really nice and I've seen pics from showers and parties held in the room. I can give you the contact info if you want it.
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