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New Jersey

Sunday Wedding

I am getting married on a Sunday in July and I need to decide if I should end the wedding at 9pm or 10pm. I want a night wedding feel, but I don't want everyone to be worried about getting up the next day for work. What should I do?

Re: Sunday Wedding

  • Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!

    I got married on a Friday evening and my brother is getting married this coming summer in a Sunday - his reception begins at 5:30 - typical 5 hr reception will end around 10:30 pm. They picked this timing which worked best for them. I believe people will be able to attend and have a great time regardless if the end time is 9pm or 10pm :)

    I also believe guests that have an early am job will possibly may even leave as early as 8pm or may take time off from work - totally up to your guests. I think you should pick the end time that would fit best your guests and your wedding timeline! Good luck and best wishes planning your wedding!


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    I would end at 9. My cousin had a 4:30 PM ceremony and a 5 hour reception which ended at 10. People started packing up and leaving as early as 8:30. At the end of the night there were only the vips left ( about 15 people). She basically wasted an hour of her wedding because no one was there.
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  • I agree.. end at 9pm. You don't want guests leaving with hours left to your reception.

    I went to a wedding on Sunday that was 3-9pm and it was great! I've also been to a Saturday wedding that was 11am-4pm. Both were beautiful and lots of fun. All the guests still partied hard. Did people get wasted, no. But you don't want that at your wedding anyway, I don't think. The Sunday wedding was indoors so it had an 'evening' feel to it as soon as the formalities were done.

  • We are getting married on a Sunday in November.  Our wedding will be ending at 8:30pm/9pm...
    Then, there will be an after party at the hotel with those people who will be staying over which they have told me the bar will stay open to 2am... so, those that want to continue having fun can do so and those that need to leave and go home or go to bed---can do so!  Best of both worlds.  
  • We are getting married on  Sunday next June.  We have decided to have an afternoon wedding and our reception will end at 7:30.  There will be an after party for those who want to attend.  Guests will leave early on a Sunday night more often than not.  If you have an earlier wedding you have a greater chance of guests staying until the end.
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  • Thank you so much! Your replies were really helpful and I'm going to change the end time to 9pm instead of 10. I think that this made me realize that 10 might be a little too late for guests that are going to work the next day. I wouldn't want everyone leaving before it's over! 
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