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Hello Brides!!
I need some advice or opinions on centerpieces! I have a two different ideas in mind and I am having a tough time deciding on which one to go with. Would it look bad if I did two different centerpieces, like every other table? Or would that look tacky? I mean, it all matches the same "soft, romantic" theme I am going for. Please give me some advice! Thanks! =)

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  • We had two different centerpieces on our tables. Half the tables had a short globe vase with these red jelly balls with an led light and some votive candles around it and the other table had a tall vase with a rose pomander on the top. It gave a sense of depth in the room I thought, and didn't look tacky at all to have two different types.

    Hope that helps! Good luck in planning!

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    Thank you so much! I think I am going to go with two centerpieces! It will keep the eye moving and won't be so repetitive! Thanks again!
  • I'm doing two different styles of centerpieces, as well. Doing tall vases with flowers on some tables, and then small vases and tea light votives on the others.

    I met with a planner the other day and she said the number of centerpiece "looks" depends on how many tables you will have at the reception, although she didn't specify exact numbers. But she told me I could easily do 3 different centerpieces since I will have about 40-45 tables.
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