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Vendor Reviews 11.16.13

We had a wonderful wedding at Jenette's Pier and the weather couldn't have been better for mid November. It was sunny and in the high 60s. The wind was a bit of a kicker but over all I couldn't have asked for more.

Jenette's Pier - We had the ceremony out on the pier and the reception up stairs in the banquet room. I was told because it was off season and so late that that was the only reason we could have it actually on the pier. Michelle was WONDERFUL! She was always there to answer questions during the coming months and was so great the night of.

Catering - We use Kelly's and it was amazing! I had read reviews about their catering manager, her name slips my mind right now (Mary Anne?), about her being not very freindly but my mother and I definitely did not have any issues she was great. We did a tasting during the summer when we were down there on vacation and it was fabulous! Thery gave you pretty much everything to try and both of my parents came as well it was great. They are pros and know exactly what they are doing. We had tomato pies, sweet potato ham biscuits, and a glazed shrimp for appetizers. My husband suggested the shrimp and they just whipped something up. They were so great to work with! We opted for the buffet and had prime rib, crab cakes, and the chicken alfredo. We also had a potato and sweet potato bar which was a HUGE hit! The best was the my husband and I opted to eat alone in when of the offices so as to have five minutes of alone time. The point person from Kelly's that night made us plates of everything to try and came back multiple times to see if we wanted anything else. Again I can not sing their praises enough.

Cake - We had Atlantic Cake company make our cake. A friend of ours did all of the fondant and decorating to save us money but they made the most delicious cake. We had white chocolate cake with raspberry filling for our biggest layer and then they specially made us our own flavor per my husband asking. They make a cookies and cream cake, it was so good! It was a white chocolate cake with chocolate chips in it and a cream cheesy chocolate layer. We did a tasting with them too over the summer and when they didn't have the flavors we wanted to try they made us cupcakes two days later. It was awesome!

Band - Snackbar Jone - We love them and they are from the Hampton Roads area where we love. They do all kinds of top 50 and brough a special feel to the whole wedding.

Photos - Coastal Shot - We loved them both and they did such a great job! We have some amazing memories thanks to them! We also rented a photo booth through them and together it was extremely reasonaly priced.


Flowers and Decorations - Bells and Whistles - We worked with Dorothy and had a good expereince. I had to email her back and forth several times especially the week before the wedding to get everything worked out. The flowers turned out wonderful and she got me peonies for my bouquet which aren't quite in season. My seating chart was not quite how I had told her I wanted it but other than that, everything turned out.

Loved the whole day!!!


Re: Vendor Reviews 11.16.13

  • Your wedding looks beautiful! I especially love your colors, very pretty flowers. Atlantic Cake Co did my cake too and they were so easy to work with like you said and their cakes are delicious! Congratulations


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