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DIY Invites -- Font suggestions??

A good friend who is graphic designer on the side has graciously offered to design our wedding invites.  We are 98% there, and my FI and I are extremely happy with what she's come up with so far, but we're struggling with the right font to use for the wording.  We don't want anything overly fancy, because my FI and I are pretty laid back, but we also don't want to send the message that this is not a formal affair (BMs will have short dresses, GM's are wearing suits, and we're expecting the guests to follow suit).  Right now we're struggling with finding a font that strikes the right balance.

The invites are really unique -- we're getting married on a lake, so the background is a beautiful and abundantly colorful picture of a sunrise on the lake, and the font is white so it will pop from the background.  They also include a hand-written calligraphy of our names at the top.  So we don't want the font to clash with the calligraphy, but we also don't want anything too basic.  Has anyone that's done DIY invites have fonts they'd recommend?  I'm scared that anything I suggest to her will be cheesy-looking and cliche because I do not have an eye for this stuff at all!

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