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Hair and Makeup Help!!

I am getting married August 2nd and have done nothing in terms of my makeup and hair!!! I don’t know where to find the best people! I have an idea of how I want to wear my hair but I need someone that is based in southern California, will come to my venue, and works with african american hair. As far as makeup goes, I don’t really wear any! For the wedding I want it to look as natural as possible and not be caked on or heavy. I would prefer to use bare minerals or another natural product vs MAC but I’ve heard it doesn’t photograph well. My MOH has been getting on me about starting trials but I need to find the vendors first! If you have any recommendations for people please send them my way!! Thank you!! 

Re: Hair and Makeup Help!!

  • RoMy215RoMy215 member
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    This is the website for the MUA I used:
    I have to say that as a loyal Bare Minerals user, I was a little nervous when I found out that she used MAC products. But it was fine. I didn't feel like it was heavy, I think I looked really pretty that day, and the pictures look good. 
    But if you'd prefer--try going to Sephora or a Bare Essentials store. See if you can find someone there you like, and ask if they are available to go to you on the day of. 
    As for hair..used my regular hair person. Maybe whoever you go to can recommend someone? 

    Good luck..and congrats!!! 
  • Check out Monique Powers! She is amazing!
  • PolinahPolinah member
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    i recommend my make up artist! I've only done 2 trials with her ((I'm getting married May 17th), she doesn't use bare minerals but she uses stuff for sensitive skin (my problem). I only have her fb page link on me at the moment
    I'll let you know how it goes if you're still interested

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    I second Polinah! Melissa did my hair and makeup for my engagement photos and at first I thought she had put on a bit much (largely because I don't wear any makeup) but in my photos, I had the natural look that I wanted. I think in addition to weddings, she does some work in film, so she knows what she's doing! You can email her at [email protected].
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