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"Can she use this on wedding invitations?!"

Just wanted to share my laugh.  Invites are going out next week, so off to the post office I went yesterday to get my boatload of stamps.  I had the lady weigh my invitation and SCORE! a regular forever stamp will do it!  So she heads to the stamp drawer with a "Let me find the wedding stamps!" She hadn't asked me what stamp I wanted and I didn't know what a "wedding stamp" was, but whatever, it's just a stamp (apparently the wedding stamps have white roses on them).  She couldn't find them though, so I pointed at one on the stamp options display with a cute little heart on it.
"What about this one?"
"For an invitation?  You want you use that? ...Ok."
She pulled out the number of booklets needed and takes them over to her coworker to ask "Can she use this on wedding invitations?!" 
The coworker looked at her like she had three heads.  "She can use whatever she wants, it's a stamp.  As long as it's enough postage, who cares what's inside the envelope?"
The lady still seemed very unsure, but did at least sell them to me. 

Of all the things about this wedding I expected people to question, the stamp choice wasn't one of them. But it sure was funny!

Re: "Can she use this on wedding invitations?!"

  • My best friend actually fretted over having the right stamps for her wedding. Until I called her crazy because it's just a stamp and honestly no one is gonna pay that much attention to the stamp. Then she found some Mickey/Minnie ones and used those. Though she went a little crazy buying stamps and they are still using them.
  • I seriously made myself crazy about stamps because I had to put a $2 stamp on my invites. I could have had them print out postage, but it's so ugly so I ended up putting a pretty wedding stamp in the corner and then the $2 stamp under it. The wedding industry has made some of us insane. LOL
  • Bahahaha. My stamps were beavers, bears, moose, and flowers (small town; she just gave me random books of stamps. lol). I totally did not care! Out of all things to worry about.... that is too cute!


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  • I special ordered stamps with a cheese slice, a macaroni, and a heart. Haha.

    But it's easy to do things like that with a whopping 8 guests.
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    My invites required .70 cents. I got a nice .66 cent wedding cake stamp and had to pair it with an ugly 4 cent stamp lol.  I went to 2 post offices because the first didn't have any wedding stamps.  I also got wedding forever stamps to use for thank you's, since I knew they would be standard price.

  • my dad surprised us with personalized stamps of our engagement photo.

    Whatever, Dad.  It's just a stamp that is going to get a stamp over it anyway.    Although it was pretty cute he took the time to research and have them printed out as a surprise.

    We did get a lot of comments on the stamps though.  Apparently people do look at them?

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • We used the vintage seed packet stamps USPS was offering in August 2013 for our invites, only because we could use regular-weight stamps and it was pretty.

    Honest to God, the ONLY time I have noticed a stamp was when it was marked 'insufficient postage' and I had to pay for it.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • I printed custom stamps with our engagement photo through It was only additional $2 for sheet of 24 stamps, unlike zazzle who has enormous upcharge. Plus, they have deal with USPS where all postage printed through them is 1 cent cheaper. And I could print stamps as needed at whatever value I needed. So I was able to use them to do cheaper stamps for my STD's, then higher value for my invites. You can have any image custom printed on them. My sister is doing same thing with her wedding logo printed on them. We figured this was great way to do it since they don't have any good options for 90 cent stamps. And I did get a lot of compliments on mine. 


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