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Florist Recommendation

Hey everyone!
I'm on the hunt for a florist, looking more toward West or North suburbs. Any suggestions for that area? Also, has anyone worked with Bachman's?

Re: Florist Recommendation

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    Not sure how much your budget is but I'm using Hummingbird Floral (currently in North Oaks but they're moving to Shoreview I believe) and the owner Lugene is amazing!! I'm so happy I went with her.
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    Ditto on looking for a florist! Any ideas anyone?
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    I'm going with Custom Floral Design in Andover. Forever Floral in Coon Rapids was also very nice, but already booked
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    @Jubilance1922 - if you start a new thread it's easier than the "Zombie thread" so that you can get the best recommendations for your part of the cities. 

    If you're on the east side - I'd HIGHLY recommend M Studios out of Woodbury!  Megan is so fantastic with her work that I literally tell her now "Here's my budget, here's the vase (optional), here's the color scheme, here's the date/time I need it" and I've never been disappointed for each individual price point (I've done cheap little arrangements for a church function, then more expensive for DD's First Communion, and just swing by for something for the kiddo's teacher - so lots of different events)...  Once she gets a sense of the style you're wanting letting her run with it has amazing results! 

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    We used Lakeside Floral - they were excellent and the prices I think were reasonable. They are based in Willernie, which is by Shoreview.

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