Suggestions for Alterations- possibly Gemma's or Perfect Bride Alterations?

I need to have my dress altered, and I was hoping to find a place somewhat convenient to where I live (East Valley) or work (Phoenix- Biltmore area). I found Gemma's Fashion in Chandler, as well as Perfect Bride Alterations in Phoenix. Does anyone have any experience with either of these companies? or- please let me know if you have any other suggestions- I have some detailed work that needs to be done. Thank you!

Re: Suggestions for Alterations- possibly Gemma's or Perfect Bride Alterations?

  • I used Perfect Bride my dress, Jenny was awesome!  Quick, friendly and she knows her stuff!
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • @ktbabe530 I am using Jenny - she seems very good!
  • I LOVE Gemma!  She is working on my dress right now.  I bought a "bargain dress" that had some.  elements I really liked but some others that I wasn't crazy about at all.  I took it to Gemma and she listened to what I said and jumped right in with the her pins and ideas.  She knew what I wanted before I even said it out loud.  She also remembered my name and details of my wedding from when I'd stopped in a month earlier just to check out the store.  She's so sweet and really knows her stuff.  By the time we're done, my dress is going to pretty much be a complete redesign and I can't wait to get everything finished because I know I'm going to absolutely love it!
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  • @dbacksgirl! I hope you can share a photo so we can see :)
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  • I don't have the dress right now.  Dropped it off yesterday and she's going on vacation for a couple of weeks so my next fitting won't be until mid-July.  When I get it back though, I'll post a before and after.  Gemma's making a sweetheart neckline for me, adding a tulle overlay to the skirt, putting in a lace-up corset back, adding a nice blingy sewn-on belt, and completely reworking the back.  The original dress had a LONG-ass train.  I'm getting married in Vegas and didn't want to deal with that, or a bustle while I'm running around all over the Strip.  So Gemma suggested cutting it down, rounding it off and moving all the beading an appliques up so I can keep them because they're beautiful.  It is a LOT of work and the alterations cost more than the dress but considering how little I paid for the dress, I'm still coming in at less than what I would have paid for a dress I really liked at Suzanne's BEFORE alterations.  And now, it will be completely my own.  I found Gemma through these boards and I am SO glad I did!  I just love her!
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  • Oh that is so neat! Can't wait to see it.I like that its your dress :) That will be an amazing story to share with others. Vegas would be a fun wedding :)
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