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My fiancee and I are having a lot of trouble finding a wedding venue for a LARGE wedding at a decent price.  My budget allows for $150 per person.  My party size will be between 200 and 225 people.  We want to stick to Manhattan, Long Island City/Astoria, and Southern Westchester (NEW JERSEY IS OUT OF THE QUESTION).  We'd rather not have a typical cookie-cutter wedding OR a barnyard/picnic wedding, mainly because we are not that kind of people.  We were thinking about a nightclub but then we run the risk of terrible food and poor service.  We both come from foodie families and terrible food at our wedding would be embarrassing.  PLEASE HELP! ALL SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!!


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    Try Water's Edge and Penthouse 808 at Ravel Hotel. With Water's Edge, I'd ask to hold cocktail hour downstairs since you have such a large party. I think they usually split the room upstairs for the two events but maybe that's only for smaller weddings. Ravel is under renovations but it looks promising. They're expanding the space and adding a separate courtyard area.

    Manhattan will be difficult with the large party and $150pp budget. Is this before or after service and tax? (Usually an additional 29%) At $150pp ++, it will really come out to about $195pp in the end. I was making the mistake of not taking the ++ into account at first. Talk about major sticker shock at my first two venues. Hope this helps. Good luck with your search!
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    Hello there!  I own a full service wedding planning company in the New York City area including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. My email is and my website is if you want to see my past work.

    I can assist you in finding a venue that works within your budget in your desired location, and booking all reputable local vendors.  If you are interested please contact me.

    Happy planning!


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