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Hello Everyone! I need to get my dress altered. It is currently A-line and I would like to get it more fit n flare. I'm worried about getting this done because it seems (to me atleast) like quite a bit of work. Can you please recommend an alteration place? Any help would be great!!! Thanks!! -Nervous Bride :)

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    @EllieMBlazer - through a recommendation I read on TK I took my dress to Jen Mar Creations for alterations, and they are VERY fairly priced.

    I needed my dress taken in and lengthened. They are taking the bottom two layers out of another dress, adding it into my dress, and taking in the sides and it isn't costing more than $200 for all that work. I highly recommend checking them out. They are very sweet!


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    I'll second the recommendation for JenMar. I had them convert the back of my dress from a keyhole to an open "V" and they did a fabulous job. They are very fairly priced and do meticulous work. My mom is an old "home ec" teacher and even she was impressed with their work.
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    I'm having all my work done at Amazing Alterations in Anoka.  Brenda is amazing!  The dress I bought was off the rack and 2 sizes to big with a zipper.  I had Brenda take the dress in and put in a corset back and we are adding appliques and bling as well.  Her prices are very reasonable as well.
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    Thanks everyone! I reall appreciate the feedback :)


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