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4/19/14 Wedding Reveiws Part 2 - Mix Lounge, Caesars Wedding Dept., Imagine photography

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Mix Lounge – A. First of all, you can’t beat the view!  It’s fantastic! You get a glance at it first as you got up in a glass elevator to the 64th floor and man, was it pretty!!  There were no issues here.  I had contacted a manager, Tram Tran, before hand by email to reserve a table for 5 ladies.  I received a call earlier in the day from my host introducing himself and giving me a little details of what to expect.  When we got to the check in desk, I just had to wait a few moments for him to arrive and once he did, he was very nice and whisked us away on the glass elevator up to the lounge.  At first they didn’t have any tables on the patio open and had us sit in the bar area, but after a few minutes, a table cleared and we were on the balcony in no time enjoying the view.  I did have to buy a bottle of wine in order to stay out there as long as we wanted, but that wasn’t a problem.  They even gave us complimentary champagne!  It was so nice and my girls loved it.  The music was very loungy and laid back and not too loud so we were able to have decent conversation without yelling at each other.  I would definitely go back for a special occasion.

Caesars Palace Wedding Dept – A+  Wow!  They were wonderful!  Melissa was absolutely awesome!  I was supposed to meet her at 1:30 for my 2pm wedding and was running 15 minutes late, and she was still so very nice and calming and professional.  She had everything in order from flowers, to who was in the wedding, to set up, to music, to everything!!  The flowers were gorgeous and they stayed fresh for days after the wedding.  The wedding went off without a hitch.  I was able to have my makeup artists/friend, Cindy, in the bridal suite, which I thought was going to be smaller, but it was a nice size with a great wall mirror and places to sit and put stuff and everything.  I could keep my stuff in there until we were ready to pick it up and go back to the room or where ever.  I loved the piano, it sounded so classy and the officiant was very pleasant.  He did a great job with the ceremony and it went very smoothly.  Loved my wedding!!!!

Imagine Studios Photography – A++ Okay, so we got Trevor as a photographer and he was so, so good!  He gave great direction and even managed to get an awesome group picture on the stairs of everyone that attended!  How in the world?!  40 people.  Well, he did it.  And even more…  We were so comfortable with him and he really took his time.  Didn’t rush, made sure he got every shot just right.  He was great.  You just can’t beat the price and the professionalism.  I am very, VERY happy with my photos.  Just love them.  If you are wondering if you should pay the extra $800 for an hour longer photo session and rights to your photos… do it!  Well worth it!  We got all our photos by 3pm the next day.  THE NEXT DAY!!!  Just awesome.

First photo is at Mix Lounge, Second (in the bridal suite with my sister who was my Matron of Honor) and Third photos were taken by Imagine Studios.

Re: 4/19/14 Wedding Reveiws Part 2 - Mix Lounge, Caesars Wedding Dept., Imagine photography

  • Congrats and thanks for the reviews!  Great pics!  Glad to hear Mix is still taking care of people; my wife and I love that place and will be very sad whenever it goes.

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  • Love Mix and hope it never goes! I would recommend it to anyone going to Vegas! Again, thank you for your wonderful website and advice and thank you to all the Vegas Knotties out there that shared their experiences! I couldn't have done it without any of you!!
  • Congrats, glad to hear about Imagine I did the same an extra hours plus the rights and they were great!
  • LOVE mix (we got engaged there) and love the pic of you and your girls!! Did you go as a pre-wedding event with your bridesmaids? I am now considering this after your post... I know you said you had to buy a bottle of wine, but do you mind me asking what they charged you for bottle service for the one table?

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  • @tcnoble, it was like a low key bachelorette thing- which is what I explained to Tram when I emailed her to make the reservation a week earlier. Just a few friends and my sister who was my MOH. We only had a best man, matron of honor, and a ring bearer (my son) for our wedding party. I was looking for the cheapest bottle on their list which turned out to be a German Riesling for $300. It was nice and mellow and we finished it no problem with only 3 girls drinking out of 4. The total came to $384 with gratuity already added and tax. I felt it was well worth it for the memories. Wanted the night before my wedding to be something special. The service was on point also; everyone was very nice. Oh, sidebar- don't know about the men's restroom, but in the ladies rest room you are facing a floor to ceiling window when you pee. I was tipsy enough that this was awesome at the time. Even took a pic which I quickly deleted the next morning, LOL!!
  • You looked beautiful!
  • Thank you Rosebubbly! :)
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    The garden photo of you two is the best. Congratulations!

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  • Thank you kazzy! :)
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