Ok don't get me wrong, I knew it was a possibility, because this is WI we're talking about. But how did y'all go from 72 degrees one day, and snow the next?!

FI and I were born and raised in central WI, but he's been in FL, CA, and now VA for the Navy, and I've been living in VA with him for the last 1.5 years. My blood has already changed and I just don't think I can take the snow in April! We are packing up the car tonight and starting our journey home to the land of beer and cheese, and our wedding is in 11 days. Can y'all make sure the snow is melted by then? :)

Re: Snow?!

  • We got married on April 16 last year in Milwaukee and we got snowed on.  Made for great pictures and everyone is still talking about it a year later.  I hope you have good weather, but just embrace it and have fun with it if you don't luck out.  Pick up some fun umbrellas in case it rains.  And trust me, putting up with the cold for a little while paid off with great pics and memories for us!
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  • Where is it supposed to snow? I heard it was in Eau Claire yesterday but not anything to keep it around. No snow where I live in NE WI. Looking at the news stations radar they aren't calling for any either.


  • Gundy- fabulous idea with the umbrellas!

    Stina- it snowed yesterday.
  • From Stevens Point and getting married there---no snow. :)  There was only snow way up in northern wi, no worries

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