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04/14/14 Reviews Part 3

Graceland Chapel ($330) A+++ – The video speaks for itself – it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Yeh it was a bit crazy to have a vow renewal 3 hours after our ceremony – but I love that we did it. We had to forgo our strip photo tour to fit it in, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The team at Graceland are truly wedding pros. They were running on time and our Elvis got right into it. They gave us that stereotypical “Vegas wedding” experience we were chasing. If you haven’t seen the video yet – here it is

Maggianos ($5900) A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I don’t think there is a high enough rating for this place. Planning – effortless, the reception – phenomenal!! I dropped off my decor to them 2 days before the wedding and I was speechless when I walked into our banquet room. Everything was set up EXACTLY as I requested – and I was truly blown away. It didn’t stop there, the food was amazing! All of our guests raved about it. Even FIs fussy parents claimed it was the best wedding food. The bartender was super efficient and even starting mixing some specialty cocktails towards the end of the night. The waitstaff were so courteous and just  an all round pleasure. The banquet captain made sure all the food was coming out according to our timeline. OMG I could rave about this place forever. If you are even considering Maggianos – BOOK THEM! Best wedding decision!

Pure Energy Productions ($750) A+++ - Anthony Johns our DJ brought the party with him. He is such an enthusiastic DJ crazy full of energy and just made the reception. He followed our music requests and was an excellent MC. He absolutely KILLED (in a great way) the groom’s surprise which was meant to be just a visit by Darth Vader and Storm Troopers but he amped that up into an epic lightsabre battle which my husband is still in awe over. Highly HIGHLY recommend DJ Tony!

Sin City Entertainment ($580) A+ - We hired an Elvis and 2 showgirls for our reception and it was a HIT! The showgirls were stunning and most of our guests took pics with them. We even got Elvis and the showgirls in the photobooth :-) Our Elvis sung about 6 or 7 songs and he was a great entertainer. The planning process was really smooth and easy and I think it was well worth the amount we spent to add a bit more "Vegas" to our reception.

Glitter Lens Photo Booth ($650) A++ - What more can I say – photobooths are the BOMB! Glitter lens provided props and our guests LOVED the booth. They also gave us a DVD of all the pics and set up a scrapbooking station for our guest book which is an awesome keepsake of the night.

LED Unplugged ($1050) A+++ - Yeh I blew the budget on lighting – but it was SO WORTH IT!! We got 12 uplights and the LOVE marquee lights. I cant wait for the pics from my reception to come out so I can show you how awesome it all looked.

Can't wait to say 'I do' on April 14, 2014 - Planning Bio

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Re: 04/14/14 Reviews Part 3

  • Love alllll your reviews @missmo14!! So happy you had a wonderful experience... amazing!!! I have two quesitons for you! :)

    1. How many seats did the Elite Transportation party bus hold? I think there highest bus only holds 34, but wanted to see if you had a different experience.

    2. Did you have to meet a minimum at Carlos N Charlies? I e-mail them but just realized they never e-mailed me back, lol.

    Thank you again for all of your great reviews... I can't wait for my Maggiano's reception even more now!

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  • 1. I was told Big Daddy seats 34... but we comfortably had 30 guests in there. Ive seen a couple of pics my guests had taken in the bus and I probably wouldnt go over 30 people.

    2. Carlos n Charlies had a $500 deposit/minimum. I spent about $350 on appetizer platters and the rest was on drinks and the awful taxes and 22% service fee. I hate that it cost so much but my guests LOVED being hosted for that time and entertained by the magician. I really wanted to get some food in my guests before the party bus and mega potent cocktails at the reception.

    3. Maggianos is the BEST! You will love it there!

    Can't wait to say 'I do' on April 14, 2014 - Planning Bio

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  • Girl! You are a GREAT host!
  • Love the review on Maggianos! We're booked for October and can't wait! Did you go anywhere afterwards as our booking finishes at 10pm so just thinking about where we could carry on the party!
  • Mo all your reviews are so well detailed I love each one! And I most definitely will be double checking on our music with flamingo! and I'm with Rosebubbly about you being a great host! I wish I could of been a guest lol they must've had an awesome time!
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  • Great reviews!! We have a Maggiano's ...down the road from our house...great food! I'm so happy everything went great for y'all!
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