Madison January 2015 Help!

It gets dark out so early in January, but the venue I really want (Madison Children's Museum) doesn't allow anything to start before 6. I don't know if it is too dark to have a wedding then? If so, we are thinking about booking a different venue for the wedding at 4 when its sunset, but have no idea where we would do that. We are looking to stay downtown. Any tips for finding something like that, or if a nighttime wedding is Okay?

Thanks! I'm new to this.

Re: Madison January 2015 Help!

  • Since the wedding will be indoors (I'm assuming) it's perfectly fine to have it after dark!
  • Maybe do a first look earlier when it is light out, shoot ALL your formal and family photos, and then start your ceremony at 6 with the reception immediately following. That way the entire night will progresses easily for your guests.
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