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Engagement ended, need to sell my brand new dress:(


It has been a little over a month since my fiance called off our wedding and broke up with me. It has been rough but I am in a much better place now and need to deal with the financial aftermath. My $1600 new dress is due in May 1st and the consignment option wouldn't even give me half of what I paid. Any suggestions? It is a brand new plus size Essence of Australia. I do not expect to get what I paid but need some direction. I am also eventually going to see my engagement ring too, it is too soon now but any suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: Engagement ended, need to sell my brand new dress:(

  • preowned wedding dresses sells wedding attire. you can try posting it there for about two thirds of the price pay shipping and see if anybody bites. I am sorry for your broken heart
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    OP - so sorry you're going through this.  I'd also recommend preowned wedding dresses or Tradesy. 

    Years ago, I ended an engagement (less than 3 weeks out!  scary and most difficult thing.. ended up saving me from a lot of bad situations - hopefully you will feel the same way after the initial feelings calm down a bit).

    Check with your state laws about selling your e-ring - I was required by law to give it back, that varies from state to state.  It'd be awesome if you could sell it (and take yourself on a vacation or something!) - but better to learn if you need to give it back before making that move.  

    Best of luck with everything.

  • That gives a list of websites to sell your dress. I looked at some of these for a used dress that I couldn't afford brand new. I ended up going a different route so I can't attest to the process.

    I am so sorry for what you are going through. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and you will find your self thinking in a few years that it all worked out how it was supposed to!

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