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Has anyone here eloped to Vegas or know of anyone who has? My fiance and I have decided on eloping, just the two of us, and we are thinking Vegas, but what a somewhat classy place. Any ceremony suggestions for just the two of us?

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  • We are eloping and we are using Las Vegas Luv Bug.  They are mobile officiants, really affordable and they do photography and videography of your ceremony in their packages.  Easy to work with and really nice people.  So far I cannot recommend them highly enough. 
  • Do you know where you're having your ceremony yet? When are you getting married?

  • There is a if variety of sizes of weddings in this board, but elopement in vegas are pretty common. I would think most brides on this board feel like their chapel of choice is classy. Your comment, feels like the assumption that most vegas weddings aren't classy, and that's not the case. What are you looking for in your ceremony? Do you prefer a free standing chapel or one within a hotel? Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor venue, the time of year may impact this choice as well. Any sort of budget or perks that you are looking for within you wedding package?

    Me personally, I prefer the hotel chapels over the free standing one. That's not to say I think the free standing ones aren't classy, I just found more of what I was looking for with in the hotel chapel. They free standing chapels tend to run a little cheaper. There are some really beautiful outdoor venues, especially with an elopement you are restricted by the amount of guests. Fi and i both love rhea bellagio fountains in May and that would have been our choice if we didn't bring family. Caesars palace outdoor venue is beautiful as well, I think a lot of brides on here chose flamingo, fi has a weird dislike for that hotel. We chose aria, we love the hotel and the chapel feels more modern but still very nice. The Wynn, bellagio and Venetian has some beautiful more traditional styling chapels. I know there a ton more, check out vegas groom and then check out hotels wedding page. That will help you start to narrow down you choices. Without knowing anything about you it's really hard to make any suggestions.
  • We are getting married this coming Tuesday.  If we get our E-standby upgrade (fingers crossed, i should find out tomorrow evening) we will be getting married in our suite.  If not then we will go over to Caesar's to a little garden area that is kind of quiet and tucked away and say our vows there.  It's a spot Luv Bug recommended that they apparently use alot for this and they find it's a great place for pictures too. 
  • @a13049 we are getting married at aria chapel too. When is your wedding date?
  • @rosebubbly we are getting married July 23rd. It's going to be a hot wedding!
  • For elopement, I'd be inclined to hire an officiant to marry you somewhere less common than a resort chapel since you don't have to worry about stuffing a bunch of relatives in.  The person that married my wife and I may be a good resource; Rev Roland,  He has married people everywhere from popular options like in front of the Bellagio fountains to more interesting such as helicopter over Vegas, Grand Canyon or last week in the new High Roller ferris wheel.  He may be able to give you some ideas based on experience.

    Me personally, if we hadn't had 125 guests to handle, I'd actually have loved to get married in the same place we got married anyway; Mix at Mandalay.  Although instead of in the restaurant int he afternoon, perhaps the lounge balcony overlooking the strip at dusk.  Or, maybe a wraparound balcony at Cosmo overlooking the Bellagio fountains from a much more romantic setting than the sidewalk around it. 

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