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Getting in Shape

So hard to stay motivated when in pain :(

Every once in a while I get about a month's worth of really bad bursitis in my knees (sometimes one, sometimes the other, sometimes both), because of a rheumatic autoimmune condition, and the pain gets so bad that it hurts to rest them, hurts to move them, hurts to touch them or apply heat or ice.  Climbing stairs, kneeling and crouching are go-to unless I absolutely must. Because I'm so afraid of the short-term pain, I'm not motivated to push myself anymore, even though I know in the long term that the strength training and cardio will give me long term benefits.

Wanted to do a 2k walk today and wound up downgrading to only 1, and even still I was in so much pain I just about cried.  I couldn't bring myself to do any strength training because I was so afraid of more pain, and now I'm not only in pain but disappointed with myself for bailing on my workout.  Need to find some kind of low-power yet effective cardio and strength training routines for my lower body that will make me feel less worried about pain (I've been doing more upper body workouts hoping that my knees would heal sooner, but now that it's been almost a week and a half with them worsening instead of improving, I need to come up with leg workouts again). If any one has any recommendations, I would love to hear them :)

Re: So hard to stay motivated when in pain :(

  • Hugs! I am so sorry OP! It's great that you're keeping active to stay in shape and eventually get stronger, but you'll need to be really, really gentle with yourself if things are this bad. And, you should be proud of yourself and celebrate whatever efforts you CAN make--not feel bad about bailing! Whether you can do one mile, or even if you just can't do anything one day, focus on what you can do instead, like making healthy food choices and drinking lots of water.

    Pilates would be good for low-impact strength training. It's all about working your core, with minimal leg impact and instructors will offer modified positions for those in your situation if there is a leg workout involved. In fact, it's a type of workout that started specifically for injured dancers needing low impact training, so there ya go :)

    Also, have you worked with a physical therapist at all? Someone who deals professionally with people wanting to be active with limitations might be able to help you more specifically and help you strike a balance between keeping active and knowing when pushing yourself will do more harm than good.
  • @aray82- thank you for the kind words of support. You are so right, I need to try and be more positive about my efforts. I've always been a high endurance athlete, played pretty much every varsity sport in high school and did varsity hockey in University, so being so limited in the amount of activity I can do now just feels off to me.

    I see a P/T for a number of issues, and for the knee pain she recommended walking (on level surfaces), and swimming (which is tricky considering it's been just over the freezing Mark here these past few days). I'm going to bring up the Pilates when I go back to see her next week
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