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MOH, how you are differentiating between other BM

I'm trying to decide what if anything I should do to differentiate my MOH from my other BM. I've hear that the MOH sometimes gets a different dress but I only have 3 BM including my MOH. I want my BM to all look the same attire wise so the MOH has the same dress as the other BM. I was thinking maybe a larger bouquet? What are you ladies doing, or are you doing nothing different at all? Please let me know!

Re: MOH, how you are differentiating between other BM

  • I only have a maid of honor and a matron of honor so I am not doing anything different. When my best friend was married she didn't do anything different with us either I was the moh with my other best friend and then she had 3 additional bm. We all wore the same dress and carried the same size bouquets
  • I didn't do anything different nor have I ever seen that in any wedding I've been in.  The fact that she's standing next to you indicates that she's the MOH (plus in the program, if you do one), so if you end up not doing anything else differently, people still know. 
  • I have an all white bouquet. The BMs all have all red bouquets, the MOH has a red and white bouquet. Otherwise, they will be in the same dress with the same necklace (shoes were of their own choice).

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  • I'm only having three BM's including the MOH as well and I'm thinking of asking my MOH if she wants to wear a beaded belt with her dress.  It's my sister, who will be standing up during our outdoor ceremony, so I want her to shine a little too!

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