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Help! Bridal party's parents at a DW??

So we finalized our guest list at 70 people. This was already 10-20 people over what my FI wanted but once I convinced him not everyone would come he was more accepting. Well I forgot about my bridal parties parents?? I asked my two MOH and one said her parents would never come nor would they expect to be invited. My other MOH said I have to invite the parents per etiquette. I guess I thought with a DW that wasn't a requirement.

I mentioned this to my FI and he said absolutely not. If I add one more person to our list we are canceling and will just have a big wedding here at home. :( help!!! Do we have to invite the bridal party's parents ?? FYI my FI has been in 2 weddings recently snd his parents were not invited to either wedding.

Re: Help! Bridal party's parents at a DW??

  • I have never heard of this.  I am having 2 bridesmaids.  One is my sister (so obviously parents will be there).  The other is my best friend and her parents are not invited.  I don't think it's even an issue.
  • You definitely don't need to invite them. Your MOH who said that is totally wrong even if it were a local wedding.  
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