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XP New Haircut/style?

OK, so I hardly ever wear makeup and what I am willing to do with my hair on a daily basis is wash, condition, brush, and maybe dry it.  I have fine, light brown hair.  I need it cut badly, it's probably been about six months since my last cut so I have some split ends going on.  I used to have shorter side bangs and I think I look good with bangs, but they can suck in the warmer months when I sweat and they get obviously drenched.  I think I have an oblong face shape.  
So, any maintenance-free haircuts I should/could try? 

Re: XP New Haircut/style?

  • I'm the same way, same texture. I just have a basic, collar-bone length cut with layers added for volume. I don't have bangs but I have some shorter pieces in the front/top for volume and texture. They are just about long enough to tuck behind my ears if needed, but the layers are still defined enough to add fullness. I really like how it grows out, even when I have to go several months between cuts. My face is maybe a combo of oblong/heart shaped and I'm a low risk-taker when it comes to hairstyles, so keep that in mind as well :)

    Not sure if there's a specific name for this cut, but you could just ask your stylist to cut it as short as is needed to take off the split ends and then add layering for volume. He/she will know where to go from there and what other questions to ask/ideas to pitch to get the low-maintenance style you want.

    FWIW, I found that investing in a good styling/pre-blow drying cream also makes a difference in split ends. I like Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme, around $30 at Target and Sephora. You just need a little and one bottle lasts a long time. Aveda damage repair with quinoa protein is great too, especially when you put most of it onto the split ends, around $26. They cost a bit more than drugstore prices, but they last a long time and also help me to go longer between getting fancy haircuts :)
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