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Last Song?

So is anyone else picking out the last song for their reception? I honestly never thought about it until my venue sent me this "Event Information Request Form" last week and had "Last Song" listed under "Special Songs." Now, I'm just baffled by it.
Do I pick something slow and sweet to wrap up the night close to my groom? Or do I pick something upbeat and fun to get everyone to end on a high?
Decisions, decisions. What are y'all's thoughts?
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Re: Last Song?

  • Weird! I've never heard of this but I'm from a really small country town! Ha!

    That's a tough one though. You could do slow and have everyone have a slow dance with you and your husband. But this could leave some people out which wouldn't be any fun for them! And if everyone is dancing having a blast and then last song comes on is slow and then they're bummed. Haha I may be over thinking this but i don't honestly know what I'd do in this position! Sorry I'm no help!
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    Its a tradition in my family to pick a Sinatra song. Think something epic that people can sing a long to, and will want them to get on the dance floor but not really to dance. Something that everyone knows, and leave them with the "feel good" feeling without being too upbeat. 


  • We're thinking about going with a fun upbeat song.  One last song to get everyone on the dance floor and give a fun send off to our honeymoon.
  • I hadn't really thought of this. I figured we would just say our goodbyes and leave when we are ready to go lol but we will probably do Friends in Low Places by GARTH if we pick one. Because we love Garth and he's the man.

    How does this work, really? Do you tell the DJ at what time you want it played, maybe a little bit before you know your reception needs to be DONE? As a way to kind of close the dance floor? Could actually be a good idea to get people moving out. hmm..
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  • @tcnoble‌ my venue sent me an information packet and in it was the song lists for me to create (ceremony and reception). Our reception end time is at 8:30 and our last song will finish about 8:25 so guests can shuffle out for the send off. I tell you, this place thinks of everything!
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  • Could have fun with it by playing songs like green day "time of your life", or Semisonic "closing time"
  • Oh @limegrove I like the idea of "Closing Time." Very funny! :D 

    Lemme ask you guys another question since I've yet to get a response in "Ceremony and Vow Ideas": So I want to walk to Simon and Garfunkel's "April She Will Come." Originally I've planned for my WP to come down to Coldplay's "Yellow," but really started to doubt myself because I don't feel like those two songs flow well AT ALL. Can y'all give me any suggestions as to what I could use for my WP instead of "Yellow" that'll flow better with the S&G song?
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  • If you don't mind me asking, but what is it about the simon and garfunkle song that you like? Is it the words? The tune/beat/sound in general?
  • @gograce Were you planning on using instrumental versions of those songs? London Pops Orchestra does a pretty cover of April She Will Come, and I found a few versions of Yellow - one was an orchestra covering it and there were a couple backing tracks of it. Hopefully you've already figured out an answer to your problem by now :)
  • Ours is "it only took a kiss" by BBVD 
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