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Help!! Reception venue let down

Can anyone recommend a private villa/home?

We have booked our ceremony at the Flamingo Garden Chapel for October 26th 2015. After much research we found a private home / villa to stay for 3 nights and to host our reception meal for 20 adults and 2 small children under 2 (including our own daughter). We decided on masterpiece cuisine for catering.

Anyway we were very honest when making enquiries with the owner of the villa - as we are all coming from the UK and the idea to host our reception where were staying suits us with being able to put the children to bed close by. Something we are not able to do with a lot of the insuite receptions.

Well the owner said yes at enquiry 20 days ago and has now said no at the time of making the deposit payment. Really disappointed as we have planned everything around him saying yes. The only reason we couldn't book 20 days ago was because the booking website doesn't let you do it more than 18 months.

Sorry for the long post - it's stressful trying to find what we want from the UK.

Any suggestions most welcome :)

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    I'm surprised the Flamingo even let you book that far out.  To be honest, I'd just put it all on hold for six or seven months and start looking at your options around 11 months out.  As a business owner, if someone asked me to reserve services (since that's what I sell, not retail goods) for 18 months from now, I'd quote them a high price because I don't know if prices are going to go up or not based on demand, but if someone has demand for that far out, I'm going to hope business stays strong or gets stronger and will therefore quote a very high price if they want me to take the risk on possibly booking something at less than what I'd be selling it for at the time.

    Also, second concern; private residences come with no guarantees.  I might be inclined to go that route if it was on a well utilized direct rental website like Airbnb or vrbo and had extensive history that could be verified, but anything else I'd be unlikely to take a chance on.  I'd definitely be worried about giving someone a deposit 18 months out.  They could sell their residence and move on and you wouldn't know for more than a year.  If they knew they were taking a deposit from someone out of the country, even less concern on their part; what are you going to do, fly to the US and sue them?  Chances are, it would cost five times as much in legal costs as what you'd expect to recover even with a strong case, so the owner doesn't have a lot of incentive to worry about it.  I'm sorry for all the doom and gloom, I just worry about private residences, especially in Vegas which is a very depressed real estate market in the country, and one where there are a variety of people looking to make a quick dollar, get out, so on and so forth, so it's hard for me to have a high level of confidence.

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