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So this is a really silly question but I honestly don't know. Am I supposed to send invitations to our immediate families, our parents and my sister even though they know exactly when everything is?

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  • Yes.  If I didn't send them to my immediate family members they'd get mixed up, no matter how many times I told them.
  • Yes, send an invitation to everyone you want to attend.
  • Yes.  They will probably be upset if they don't get one.
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    Yes, definitely !  Although my parents and his parents wouldn't send back their rsvp, because they wanted to keep a full set (fine with me) and my siblings didn't send theirs back until my mom told them to..they just assumed I knew they where coming (they are in the wedding).
  • Yes.
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  • I definitely would.  My sister wants the invite as a keepsake, and I know both sets of parents do as well. We are keeping one for ourselves as keepsake too.
  • Yep.  Some people will want to save them.  Some people may need them just as a reminder of the details.  Plus, it's always nice to get formal invitations.  

    My sister is sending me an invitation to her wedding... and I designed and made her invitations. I even still have a few still laying around my house. But, its still nice to get the official invite from her.


  •      I'm giving my parents one. Yes, giving. I live with them and am not sending one through the post office to arrive right back here even though etiquette dictates you don't hand deliver invites.  Everyone else's I will mail, however, I'm probably not doing RSVP cards, I'll just put our phone number and e-mail address since it's so few of us as we talk to each other all the time. Were I doing a larger wedding I'd definitely do RSVP cards. 

         I wasn't going to do invites , just send an e-mail, because our wedding is immediate family only, but then decided to do 'something' as mom pointed out we might all want a physical invitation for our scrapbooks. I know our mom's will anyway.
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