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Catering for Getting Ready - Local Help??

Hi ladies, 

Well, I'm three weeks out and am finishing up all the little details. I had asked a question about hiring a day of coordinator a little while ago and would just love to thank those of you who recommended Faith from Faithfully Yours. She's awesome. She's never worked with our photographers before (The Emerics - also love so far) so she's having coffee with them. 

Anyways, I'm looking to have a few trays of food for when my girls and I get ready the day of the wedding and wondered if you all had any recommendations. I'm looking at Whole Foods right now, but their prices are a little crazy (as expected). I recall someone saying Albertson's, but I'm going to send my dad to pick it up and don't want to have him end up in a shady neighborhood. Any locations or other places you all would recommend that aren't in the 'hood. 


Re: Catering for Getting Ready - Local Help??

  • Supposedly jasons deli is good for this! I love the Emerics work i've seen!
  • We are doing Albertson's, I believe it's right near the Flamingo which is where we are staying at, you could google map it and zoom in and see where it is near your hotel...i've heard great things about Jason's Deli, they were a bit out of our price range but from everyone who has used them there is always extras.
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  • Jason's Deli is fantastic, and they deliver, so no worries about the wrong part of town. You might also want to think about Capriotti's.
  • We did Jason's Deli, the guy that delivered it was even nice enough to unload half the stuff at my wife's room in THEHotel and deliver the rest to me and the boys over in Mandalay.  Keep in mind that their portions are massive, so if it says it fees 8 it will probably feed 15.  I felt bad about how much food went to waste.

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  • thanks all! 
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