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Do I Have to Provide... gals someone to do their hair and makeup? I am hiring someone to do MY hair because I am completely incompetent when it comes to fixing it. Plus, my FI has never seen me with my hair up and looking really pretty, so I'm excited for that! However, 2 of my 4 BMs are really good at doing hair and updos, so I figured they could easily do their own. 1 of my other gals has pretty short hair, so her options are limited. I'm not sure of the abilities of my other BM, but I figured that the 2 who are really good with hair could help as needed with the others.

As for the makeup, I figured we could all do our own. I'm sort of a minimalist, so my cousin (who is one of my BMs) is going to help me with mine. She is really great with makeup.

We don't really have time for someone to come in and do all of our hair. The ceremony is at 10 am, and our day is starting around 6:30 am as it is. I also don't really have the money to provide someone for each of my girls.

Is it ok to not provide someone and for them to arrange for their own help if they want it?

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  • Short answer: No, you dont have to pay for them to get their hair and MU done.

    Long answer: If you are requiring them to have an up do or have their MU professionally done, then yes you do need to pay for it. What you could do is send an email saying that you are getting your hair and MU done at (insert location) and hair will cost X and make up will cost Y. Ask them to let you know if they are interested, so you can make all the appointments together. This way you leave the decisions up to them.

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  • No you don't have to provide it.  Also it doesn't sound like you are making them have any sort of updo, just whatever they want.  If one of your girls wants to get her hair or makeup professionally done then she is more then welcome to make an appointment with her own hair stylist the morning of your wedding.

  • I had a similar question (am I a bridezilla if I'm the only one to get my hair done) as I am also hair/makeup challenged. All of my girls are pros at glamming themselves up, and the answer I received was the same, extend the offer for them to come along for the pampering and girly time that way it becomes her choice and no one feels forced to spend extra money (bride or maids) but then again they don't feel left out either.
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