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Just want to tell people who will care!

So, I'm trying extra hard not to be the "wedding girl" of my friends. Especially since we have one in the group already this year. I know no one cares as much about my wedding as me. But…. I just want to tell someone how excited I am about my last weekend. 

My mom and I drove from IN to Hilton Head, where we're having my DW. I got: menu, timeline, welcome dinner, flowers, cake (mmmm cupcakes!), GM attire, photography timeline, AND the first draft of my summer tan accomplished!! Also have some really solid ideas on centerpieces. Already have dress, BM dresses, DJ, and hotel reservations settled, so I'm feeling pretty solid. 

I'm elated and so much less stressed. I also got to spend 96 consecutive hours with my darling mother. Which was plenty! Seriously we are the best of friends, but MAN! That's a lot of time with one person! In any case I'm relieved and VERY glad to be back at home!

However, FI is at a basketball game with friends so I'm drinking warm wine (it's all I had, rest of the bottle in freezer now) and watching HGTV. :) Happy Monday!!

PS. Sorry for all the exclamation points. Sometimes wine makes me excited.
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Re: Just want to tell people who will care!

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