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* MAY 3 *

It's finally time date twins!!!  We leave early tomorrow morning for Vegas and I can't wait!!!

This board has been so helpful in planning and it's been so fun sharing ideas and photos!  

I hope all my date twins have a fabulous time Vegas!  @Valeriecruz82, @KikiMira, @chrislrock, @maibel03 - did I miss anyone?!  

The strip is going to be filled with brides and fight fans on Saturday!  If you see a bride at the Mirage it's probably me, so come say hi!  
We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
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Re: * MAY 3 *

  • Valeriecruz82Valeriecruz82 member
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    I will definitely say HI if I see you! :) I still can't believe it's finally happening. It seems like for the past year I have been on here watching brides come and go with their wedding pics and now it's our turn! So exciting! :) have a safe trip!
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  • There are so many of us!! Awesome :) Congrats cristal231!
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  • Congrats ladies!! So exciting!! :)
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  • So exciting!!!!!!! We are leaving in 12 hours....can't wait!! Hope everyone has a wonderful time!

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  • Have a great time and update us when you get back!!!!
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  • Tweet me @cirena if you need any last-minute help, ladies!
  • Congrats ladies!! Cannot wait for updates from the May 3 crew! Have a blast!
  • woohoooo ladies!!!! can't wait to see reviews!
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  • Woohoo! I just finished packing, we fly out at 9am tomorrow. :) I will be around Aria casino in the afternoon. Can't wait!!! My aria concierge said it is a busy wedding weekend! So, there shall be plenty of brides around! 

    Thanks for all the help these last few weeks of panic! Haha things will work out. 
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  • Geez seems I'm the one getting there last! We don't leave until late Thursday! Enjoy ladies! Safe traveling hope to see some of you around the strip this weekend! :)
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  • You also probably live the closest! I am up in canada! 

    Safe travels! Can't wait to see review and photos!
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  • Lol that's true we are just a little over 3 hours, away driving. Have a great wedding weekend! :)
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  • JixxtJixxt member
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    Good luck to all you girls!!!!! It's will be so awesooooome!!
  • Good luck ladies!!!!  I can't wait to hear about all of your wedding adventures when you come back!  All of the reviews and pictures are like wedding porn to me ;)
  • Have fun ladies.  So much fun sharing this experience with all of you.  Looking forward to the photos and reviews. 
    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
  • fablovefablove member
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    So excited for all you ladies! Your time is FINALLY here!! Wooohoooo :) Can't wait for pics and reviews. Congrats to you all!

  • I'm off in a few short hours :) been a crazy last 2 days running around like crazy!! Thanks ladies the past year here on tk has been great thanks to all the helpful info I've gotten!
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  • chrislrockchrislrock member
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    We will be taking pictures at Crystals around 3, so we will be zipping through the Aria lobby.  Citycenter will be packed with brides and their parties.  I will definitely be on the lookout for all of you, although people may get weirded out once I start yelling out screen names.

    I may try to sign on once again tonight, but in case I don't, have a great time, ladies.  Its your day!

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