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I just saw the impossible happen on WW UPDATED with link

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Of course the bride has gone off in her corner crying after hiding the thread (I really hate that over there) but she is having a partial cash bar at her reception and she was getting a ton of flack from most of the others on WW.  ON WW!!!!! She pulled the plug on it but I was stunned at the number of people who were telling her it is bad etiquette and poor hosting.  There is hope...

She was offering a drink voucher at the beginning, 2 wine pours with dinner (DH and 2 of my 3 SIL's detest wine) and maybe a champaign toast.  Anything else was up to the guest.

Re: I just saw the impossible happen on WW UPDATED with link

  • Do you have a link?
  • wow.

    Random - but what is up with the 2 drink ticket  minium people always want to have?  1 hour reception 2 tickets,  5 hour reception 2 tickets.  Such a random number.  Why do we never see 3 or more tickets?

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Haha, it only took her till the top of page two to start saying, "Our special day.. MY wedding... you have nothing to do with OUR wedding."

    Then why did you post a hot-button issue on a message board???

    And yeah, I'm pleasantly surprised with how many ladies over there are anti-cash bar.  There's hope.
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  • i like the part how she rather spend the money on a candy bar and a desert bar than the real bar.. i dont know where she is from but in connecticut all venues ( well the traditional banquet hall ones all offer full open bar in the package) i know in ma its separate charge.

    that is so tacky me i hate wine so i would not be able to drink it so she would have wasted two pours on me . id just give mine to someone else. and im not going to pay for a drink when she is hosting me and my fi

    id go to the bar all night and ask for water
  • Why can no one on that thread spell desserts correctly?!
  • As someone who posts on both TK and WW, I can gladly say that WW has become filled with many ladies who are very much up-to date with PROPER etiquette.

    I'm so proud of them!
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  • Vouchers just seem like a terrible idea to me for so many reasons.

    At least the WW has settled down. How's the WB doung?
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