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Flowers? Real VS Fake?

We are starting to look at the flowers that we want to have for our wedding and are trying to decide if we want real or fake? What do you like better? Yes I know real flowers are great but they do not last long so it seems like a huge waste of money. If your doing fake flowers where are you getting them?

Re: Flowers? Real VS Fake?

  • We are doing real, but only for bouquets and boutteniers (however you spell it) we are also doing carnations (I love them), they are a hardy flower so the heat won't kill them.
    My friend did fake recently though and you couldn't tell, so I think it's really more of what you want :)
  • I have yet to decide which way to go. I'm hoping to do camillias but they bloom in winter (its more to remember my grandma by which is why I chose this flower). Initially I thought fake just because it seems like dead money. Plus when figuring out costs I could get all flowers etc from hobby lobby for under $100, compared to the $3-400 from local florists.
  • I am doing fake but I'm also only doing bouquets and boutonnieres and I only have my matron of honor, myself, my Fi, my son and the Bestmam. Centerpieces are going to be candles. Flowers are not that important to me and i cannot justify spending that kind of money on them. I got everything done for $50 thanks to AC Moore and their end of season sales.

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  • doing real for the bridsmaids and groomsmen and fake for the church (but putting real  lilies of the valley in the center of them so they do smell. Flowers are not that important to me, besides I blew my flower budget on my brooch bouqet :)
  • We are doing real roses. The flowers make the wedding I think.
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  • We are doing fake for all of our flowers.  We are going with purple roses.
  • We're doing all real flowers but my FMIL is growing most of them. The others, I'll pick the day before by the river beside my home.
  • We are doing a combo of both real and fake. My bouquet and my bridesmaids are going to be fake, but the guys boutonnieres and the mother's flowers are going to be real along with our centerpieces.  For the fake flowers we are going to get them at Michael's. Now the fake ones look just like real ones.
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  • We are going with real for the personal flowers and fake for the flowers that don't matter as much or at least aren't in as many pictures.
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