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Flowers? Real VS Fake?

We are starting to look at the flowers that we want to have for our wedding and are trying to decide if we want real or fake? What do you like better? Yes I know real flowers are great but they do not last long so it seems like a huge waste of money. If your doing fake flowers where are you getting them?

Re: Flowers? Real VS Fake?

  • Real flowers. They're so, so pretty. Yeah, our wedding flowers didn't last long, but we still love looking at the photos!
  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio
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    I'm definitely a fan of real flowers. I love the way they look and I also love the smell of them. I'm not a fan of the argument that real flowers just die. That's like saying we aren't going to have food or cake because people will just eat it and then there won't be anything left for us to save forever. 
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's
    Eighth Anniversary 10000 Comments 500 Love Its 25 Answers
    Real flowers all the way! 

    The only time silk flowers look pretty is if they are high-end, high quality silks which will just end up costing you double what real flowers would cost.  And you can still tell that they are fake.

  • tortoisebridetortoisebride
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    I'm doing fake because I don't like the smell of most flowers (I know, I'm dead inside) and my FI & his family would be sneezing the whole day. They're also much cheaper. I don't really care if they look fake because it's not important to me. Priorities.

    ETA: Durr, forgot to say where I'm getting them. I got my vases from www.wholesaleflowersandsupplies.com and my flowers (daisies) from www.save-on-crafts.com. Total centerpiece cost will be $94.07 and that'll include some of my bouquet.
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  • I am ordering paper flowers from a lady on Etsy and I absolutely LOVE THEM. She even gave us a discount for ordering a bulk order. I like the fake flowers for several reasons. First of all, I struggle to spend hundreds of dollars on something that will die in two days. Secondly, It doesn't matter what is in season because I can get whatever color I want. Lastly, if I have little girls they will be able to play with them down the road and I think that will be really neat. Here's a picture that she sent me! 
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario
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    Real flowers a gorgeous.  Fake are just fake, and I can usually tell.
  • I got our flowers from wedideas.com.  I'm not a fan of flowers in general and knew from the beginning I was doing fake and FI doesn't care either way.  I ordered a sample from this company and it really does look real (maybe not to flower experts but I would've thought it was real if I didn't know it wasn't. Our centerpieces will be made with fresh flowers though but only because they are included with our package at the venue.
  • I always said I wouldn't have flowers at my wedding at all, but then in my head I was going to have a Christmas wedding and use colorful ornaments instead.  Since in real life I am having a summer wedding, I was all set for real flowers, met with the florist and was ready to put down the deposit.  Then spring hit and my allergies went nuts and I remembered WHY I never wanted flowers.  So we're doing fake.  I don't want to sneeze through my vows and the only tears in my eyes should be from the emotion, not the pollen. 
  • I looked into both options, for us we decided real was the way to go. But you have to do what will work for you & your budget. The one poster who said she did for the sake for allergies makes totally sense to do silk. In the end you need to be happy with your decision and make sure it fits in your budget. I've seen beautiful silk flowers & horrible ones, same goes for real flowers.
  • I love real flowers so much, but because of my mother's and daughter's allergies I am not going to use them. There are likely other guests with similar allergies, and I'd like to take them into consideration as well.

    I don't want to use fake flowers because I really dislike fake flowers, and I'd be stuck with fake flowers after the wedding.

    I have no idea what I'm doing. LOL 
  • theartistformerlyknownastheartistformerlyknownas peaced out.
    10000 Comments 500 Love Its 5 Answers First Anniversary
    We're using silk for the boutonnieres, because they're small and nobody will really notice them that much, but there was a HUGE difference in price between real and fake. For bouquets and centerpieces, unless there are severe allergies to worry about, I highly prefer real. Who cares that they don't last long? They only need to last one day.

  • Definitely real.  If you don't want to "waste" money use something other than flowers entirely for the centerpieces. 
    photo Isbell-232_zpsdaf64dd5.jpg
  • My three married friends, cousin, my friend who is getting married in a two months and I are all using fake flowers and they all looked great. Every bride gave her bridesmaids the bouquet they used as a gift and we got to take centerpieces home if we wanted. (I have a birdhouse stuffed with flowers on my bookshelf from one) Each bride also has her bouquet somewhere in her home for decoration. For me, I think the flowers I want will be much to expensive if I get them through a florist and I don't want the hassle of having to preserve a bouquet after everything is done. Its more practical to get fake, get all the girls together and make everything then keep what I want when it is done. And I can try selling the extras. 
  • We are planning on fake, I cannot spend a lot on flowers, which I love real flowers!
  • Real flowers hands down! I'm the granddaughter of florists so I wouldn't do it any other way!


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