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  • We are having them. I found a few different ones on Etsy, and we're going to print them ourselves. I picked a style I knew I could do two to a paper. It's an added expense but personally I do enjoy looking at them at weddings. It was actually one of the things I was looking forward to the most (i'm weird..). We are having a reading, and a candle ceremony. And I have a "man of honor" and we figured might as well explain that one ahead of time since it's not so common haha.
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  • I'm  doing programs. We're having about 80 people attending our Catholic wedding.

    There will only be about 10 people attending that are practicing Catholics, so I made the programs so everyone can follow along and not get lost. I added directions in the programs too, like please kneel, please stand, you may sit once gestured to do so.

    This way, no one feels lost and everyone can get the most out of the beauty of my wedding ceremony.

    Here's what I'm using. I'm doing them DIY
  • I love this idea!! I've been on the fence about programs, but these are fun and could be little conversation starters.
  • I dislike them. 
  • We did them for our Catholic Mass for the benefit of our non-Catholic guests. I designed them in MS Publisher and printed then on card stock we bough on clearance. I think it cost us $40 total.

    FWIW, we got a TON of compliments on them.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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    My church doesn't necessarily require them, but the strongly suggest using them and the pastor puts them together after you give her the information. We're going to use them, partly because the majority of our guests aren't practicing the same religion/any religion and partly because my mother is insistent I need them. I figure I can give in on this if it gets her off my back about other things :)
  • Getting married next month and not having them! They are a waste to me. We are doing the typical catholic ceremony. Majority of guests are catholic so I don't see them as necessary! Plus we are already over budget as it is! 
  • One thing to think about, I decided against programs because they are an added expense and I don't really care about them when I go to weddings. My DJ announced the bridal party later anyways so I figured I didn't need to bother. I was really glad I didn't because one of my bridesmaids got really sick before my wedding and I had to sub in another friend as a bridesmaid. I am a bit of a control freak perfectionist and I would have hated for something to have been wrong on the program. I had 1 special prayer so I printed those out at home and put one on each seat.

    You don't update the program; you announce before the show that so-and-so will be playing the part of bridesmaid. Oh right. I forgot. This isn't fucking theatre, this is your wedding, and that poor sick girl wasn't an actor to be swapped in and out. She WAS your friend.
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