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  • Currently sitting at a few days shy of 24 weeks, and we're Team Green.

    The sex of our baby doesn't matter to me.  I didn't find out the sex with my 16 year old either.  I'll still love our WeeNut no matter if it dangles or doesn't. 

    I actually enjoy picking both sets of names.  When DS was born, because I'm blind as a bat (no glasses, and no contacts), I had NO idea what his sex was until the doctor presented me with "Austin Ray".  That was neat!!  And I'm looking forward to that again.

    This go around, I'm preparing and having the discussion with DH about circumcision (we're actually on opposite sides of the fence), though we both want a girl (we've both got boys from previous relationships). 

    Were we tempted at the anatomy scan a few weeks ago?  Yep.  DH wants to know SOOOOO bad; and I told him I didn't mind if he found out, but to just please keep it from me.  But, since he's bad with secrets, he opted to just be clueless.

    I'm just keeping everything nice and neutral (Lion King thing and lots of other jungle baby stuff).  Plus, I figure that way, I stand a good chance at being able to sell it all when the WeeNut's outgrown it all.

    Also, I don't care if a girl is in blue or a boy is in pink.  They've got clothes on, right?  Then they're good.  :)

  • I want to know. But I won't be telling people with a gender reveal party. I think those are so AWish. 

    I want to know because it gives you a lot more direction for names and baby things. I couldn't imagine having to run out right after having a baby to buy gender specific clothes and what not. I'd rather have those things in advance, or risk getting things for both sexes that I would then have to return/give away. 

  • I think I'd want to know, but I'm not sure I'd tell everyone else. And I agree with it being better to have gender neutral items. If you tell everyone its a girl, they will undoubtedly buy all sorts of pink stuff, which I personally couldn't stand. And it would be nice to be able to reuse the gender neutral items for future kids. So, I think the best way to do it would be to find out, just to quell my own curiosity, but keep it secret from everyone else.


  • Not pregnant but have discussed this a lot with DH since we are thinking about starting to try soon. I want to not know until I give birth. He wants to find out but then tell each member of our family a different sex so everyone is completely confused because he finds that to be hilarious. I said they are just going to end up thinking I am having fraternal twins or something. I would prefer to get mostly gender neutral items which is part of the reason I don't think I would tell everyone even if we do find out. I don't really want to end up with a bunch of blue or pink stuff. Also not a big fan of the over the top gender reveal announcement or party or whatever. But I guess we'll see what we actually end up doing when the time comes.
  • Not pregnant, but DH and I want to know. Me, because I'm impatient and him so he can prepare for boy or girl. I don't want to tell everyone else until the baby is born, but DH will probably tell everyone because he'll be excited.

    I'm not a huge fan of gender reveal parties because they seem AWish. The only people I know that had them were both TTC for a long time, had miscarriages and needed to see fertility docs to conceive. They were so excited to finally be PG that they did gender reveal parties with their immediate family.

  • We both wanted to know so we found out.
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  • We didn't find out and we won't in the future. Most people we ran into (i.e. mostly random strangers who wanted to know how far along I was, the sex, the name, etc.) thought we were odd for not wanting to know. Most medical professionals thought it was awesome we didn't want to know. As to why, it was just our personal choice.
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  • I think I would like for it to be a surprise, but in the moment I might be overcome with temptation and want to know too badly. FI is kinda traditional with that kind of stuff so I think he'd lean toward being surprised as well, but also would be dying. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it :) I would have all other tests though, unless I end up being prone to miscarrying since things like amniocentesis raises your risk just slightly. 
  • Personally, I'm on Team Yellow. It's my favourite colour, actually, so I would LOVE gender-neutral stuff. Also, I'm frugal, so I want gender-neutral stuff anyway so I can re-use it for baby number two.

    DH goes back and forth. Ultimately, I've told him it's his choice. There are so many elements (good and bad) of the pregnancy that will be mine alone (feeling the baby move for the first time, for example), that if he wants to find out, I'm OK with that.

    His argument for finding out before the birth is that then we will be able to start calling the baby (at least privately -- we might not share that with our families) by his or her name, and that might make him feel more 'connected' to the baby.

    I can see that argument, and if that's how he decides to go, I'll be OK with that.

    If we don't find out for baby number one, we absolutely will find out for baby number two, so I can stock up on clothes if it's a different gender.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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