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HELP over thinking programs :/

Hi guys so we are thinking of not doing ceremony programs and instead trying for reception itineraries and want to add the names of our wedding party on there. question is how can I word it other then "our wedding party" then listing the names..... 
Also I'm still on the fence on ceremony programs i would like them but they seem over whelming and my fiance says why add on more work ??? 

Re: HELP over thinking programs :/

  • What are reception itineraries?  They sound unnecessary and pointless.  Sorry.

    And programs are really not over whelming, that is unless you are having a super detailed ceremony with a lot of moving parts to explain.

    I think you are way over thinking all of this.  If you are having a simple ceremony don't worry about the programs (no one really keeps them anyways) and nix the reception itineraries.  People pretty much know what goes on at receptions.

  • What would go on a reception itinerary? 

    Eat some more
    Drink some more
    Drink some more

    Skip these, you're overthinking it. The DJ or whoever has the loudest voice/glass-clinking skills will announce when you're doing things like cutting the cake. 

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