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Is it ok for me (bride) to make bachelorette party suggestion?

My maid of honor and other bridesmaid have offered to host a bachelorette party (it was practically the first thing they said when I got engaged haha). They have asked me what sorts of things I'd be interested in doing but I have always responded with the generic "whatever you want, you guys know me!" Well I just stumbled upon a dinner/ comedy theater show in the city that looks like so much fun. I don't drink alcohol and I don't like spa treatments so it kind of narrows down their choices. Is it appropriate for me to mention this? I imagine each person coming would pay their own ticket (that's how it's always done in my circle, the host never pays for the entire night for everyone) so I think it would financially be ok considering they initially offered spa treatments which are more expensive.

Yes? No? Thanks!!



Re: Is it ok for me (bride) to make bachelorette party suggestion?

  • Go for it! It is your party after all. I gave some direction to my MOH when she planned my party. 
  • I don't see a problem with suggesting it. When I was a bridesmaid for my cousins wedding, we welcomed any suggestions by her. We wanted her to have a great time, because after all we were celebrating her. She also isn't a drinker, so we did a comedy show and dinner. It was a great night. To me, it doesn't seem like you are being demanding or unappreciative, if they asked your opinion. Also if they know what you are interested in, it could open up more options for them to think of. 
  • Since they offered to host and then asked for suggestions then you are in the clear to send information to them.  They get to make the final decision, but a list of a few activities that you would enjoy will make easier on them.
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  • I agree with what PP's said, especially since they asked for your input. If I were planning a bachelorette party for my friend I would love her input!


  • Awesome thanks!! 



  • Definitely tip them off. Sounds fun- enjoy!
  •  I'd think it's totally fine too! When my BMs asked me for ideas, I listed a couple of things that I thought would be fun, to help with their planning. I had a few things that I most certainly did *not* want, & they were great to sticking with my wishes of 'not-to-do's', and planned how they wanted otherwise. :)

  • The asked you, so I think it's fine to suggest it. That sounds like a fun night. 
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