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How many bridesmaids?

We are having a small wedding with 50-60 people.We have both been married before. I was originally going to have only a MOH on my side but hate to leave out my other 2 sisters. Me and my FI both have daughters that will be involved too. If I included every one it would be a MOH, 2 bridesmaids, a junior bridesmaid and a flower girl. Too many for such a small wedding?

Re: How many bridesmaids?

  • It is kind of a lot, but you need to do what's right for you.

    However, remember that it's an honor to just be invited, especially with a wedding of that size.  Could your sisters perhaps be readers?
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    If you feel like it's too many people, one idea would be to have the bridal party walk up the aisle but not stand with you and your fiance during the ceremony?

    Otherwise, I agree that you should just do what you want, without worrying about "too many" or "too few".
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