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Ombre bridesmaid dresses?

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I can't find the perfect shade of purple I'm looking for, and am considering having my girls wear different shades. The attached photo shows the colors I'm considering. Would this look crazy? image

Re: Ombre bridesmaid dresses?

  • I like it.  If you're having a big bridal party, I say go for it!

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario
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    I think it would look nice.  Some pictures so you can visualize it:
  • Do it, that's awesome. Just make sure each bridesmaid is happy with the color she's wearing.
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  • ElcaBElcaB
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    I don't think it'd look crazy. It's not my personal style, but I think it still looks nice. 
  • I like the idea of having different shades of the same color. Lets the girls show a little bit more of their own personalities in their dresses, go for it!
  • I personally like the idea a lot. In the few pictures I've come across that use this idea, I've always thought it looked great :) So I also say go for it! 
  • cupcait927cupcait927 Western NY wine country
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    My BFF did this with her wedding but in shades of blue. The other MOH and I both wore navy blue (or whatever the color is at DB) and the other 3 girls each wore a different shade of blue up to the lightest blue color DB has. It looked very nice.
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  • majesty318majesty318 NJ
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    I am doing this! All DB colors: marine, lapis, plum, sangria, wisteria, and iris. I think it is going to look fantastic - so excited to see it in 16 days!
  • Thanks everyone!!! 
  • I think that looks amazing! :) I'm going the whole "matchy-matchy" route myself, but I completely adore ombre anything!
  • Cool! Love it! I can't because my colors are red if you do ombre then pink. I am matchy. I want a specific red.

  • Beautiful! I hadn't thought of this. I wanted to do same color dresses different styles but this is a great idea I might try!


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