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Ceremony Script

What are you ladies doing for your ceremony? I'm having a tough time trying to figure out readings or vows, pretty much everything.
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Re: Ceremony Script

  • When we met with the Pastor who would be officiating, she provided us with three or four programs from weddings she had done in the past. All of them were pretty much the same layout with the processional, welcome/intro from the Pastor, 1st reading, unity candle (optional), 2nd reading, abbreviated sermon, vows (traditional), recessional.

    Of course, it will vary depending on religion but ours was fairly non-denominational. We just decided on which readings we wanted, whether or not to write our own vows and what songs we wanted our quartet to play at specific points of the ceremony. It was a lot less daunting once we met with her, so if you have an officiant already it might be a good idea to reach out to them to discuss the flow of the ceremony so you know what decisions you will have to make.

  • Where is your ceremony?  As Courtski said, most officiants have sample programs that you can go off of.  If you are getting married in a church, they might require that your readings only come from the Bible.  Our church had samples of biblical passages relevant to marriage, but we had the option of choosing other passages, provided they followed the usual order of a mass.

    You can also find sample vows online or choose to say something prepared.  Again, some churches require that you read a specific set of vows.



  • Our minister is a family friend who just does it for friends and family. although he has married several of us, I'm not sure e has a very extensive "script" So I was leaning more towards coming up with one of my own and just having him use it.
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