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Hindu Priest in NYC Area? - Willing to Travel/Interfaith

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Hello! My fiance and I are planning a Hindu/Catholic wedding for 2015, and we're looking for recommendations for a Hindu priest. Particularly, we would like someone who:
  • is willing to travel: We are planning a destination wedding and need someone who is able and willing to travel, as our destination does not have a Hindu priest available. However, we would prefer someone based in the greater NYC area so we can meet with him beforehand.
  • has a record performing interfaith weddings: We are also having a Roman Catholic ceremony, and at least half of the guests are not Indian. We would like someone who can perform and explain the ceremony in English and has experience in the complexities/sensitivities of an interfaith wedding.
  • can perform a Gujarati wedding

We appreciate any recommendations! Thanks, Knot Community!

Re: Hindu Priest in NYC Area? - Willing to Travel/Interfaith

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