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All 3 rooms at Maggiano's?

Hi all!  I've been lurking and reading for a couple of weeks and decided I'd finally jump in with my first post since I have a question about our reception.   We currently have Calabria and Abruzzi rooms booked for our reception and are expecting anywhere from 48 - 68 guests, depending on final RSVP's.  I plan on having 8 guest tables no matter what (6 per table for lower turnout and 8 per table for high end) but I am driving myself crazy trying to decide on whether or not to add the DiCarlo room, too.  We'll easily meet the room minimums so that's not a problem.  I am just concerned that  with "only" 8 tables, there will be too much open space and it could look weird if we have all three rooms.  Sabrina suggested using that wood floor in DiCarlo for dancing but just personal preference, I would rather not have it there.  I want to set up a rented dance floor right in front of the bar in the Calabria Room.  That will keep the area in front of the bar free and also be perfect for a performance space when Elvis shows up later in the evening!  We will also have a DJ, a sign in table, cake table, sweetheart table and rented photobooth.  I'm waiting on a floorplan back from Sabrina for our setup in just the 2 rooms but I am just wondering if any of you other ladies that have 2 or 3 of the rooms booked would mind sharing your guest counts?  Since we are already meeting the room minimums for all three rooms, even if only 48 show up, it seems silly not to just use that extra space of the DiCarlo.  I certainly don't want guest to feel cramped in there — BUT having too MUCH space would almost be worse, IMO.  Thoughts or advice?
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Re: All 3 rooms at Maggiano's?

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    Hi! I had 35 people and used both the Calabria and DiCarlo room. I had 5 guest tables, sweetheart table, cake table, signin and photo booth. I used the wooden floor as Sabrina suggested and it was perfect. I wouldn't recommend adding a dance floor and the DJ's set-up in the DiCarlo area was perfect. With your guest count, you could add the 3rd room and it would be fine. For our count, the two rooms were perfect. It didn't look empty or over crowded. Hope this helps!
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    Thank you, sunni!  That is very helpful!  I talked to Sabrina and did end up booking the third room.  I am so happy to hear that the space was perfect for your guests.  We will have three more tables than you but also 15-30 more guests than you had so it sounds like that extra space will be perfect for us as well.  Thanks again!

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