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I got an invitation for a wedding later this month & on the RSVP it says "Attire: Guys In Ties, Girls in Pearls".  Any idea what that means for girls?

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  • No idea. I guess it's their way of saying "dress up" but it's really stupid lol



  • Agreed, its so cryptic! It's an evening wedding at a private estate, so I'm guessing its on the fancier side?
  • Is there any further information on their website (if they have one)? 
  • None! One of my best friends is a bridesmaid & she said she's not sure either but they're wearing short white bridesmaid dresses.  So I'm guessing not super fancy...maybe i'll just bring a few dresses down & I can change in between the church & the reception.
  • I guess channel your inner Charlotte York in the Hamptons if they're looking for pearls. Is it a summer wedding?
  • It's May 17th... Thankfully there is a gap between the church and reception so I can scope out what other ladies are wearing!
  • That's bizarre!  But if it's at a private estate then I suspect it's fancy.  You can never go wrong with a LBD.  My mother always said to overdress-that way if it's formal/fancy you fit right in and if it's not,  you're the best dressed lady there!!!!!

  • oooh @cdovilio - LOVE that thinking!  I'm going to do that. 

    Although to add to the weirdness of attire, this is also doing to be the longest wedding of my life.  The wedding is at 2pm in a church, followed by a "welcome reception" at the estate from 4pm-5pm, then the cocktail hour.  At 6pm the reception starts & goes til 10pm.  THEN, the after party (at the estate as well) goes til 2:30am.  Apparently, there will be shuttles going back & forth to the hotel the whole time.  Not sure how I feel about all this...
  • How did it go??
  • @sjuhawkz - for all my bitching, it was an amazing wedding (probably one of the nicest I've ever been to - even my hubby was impressed).  It was at a super fancy estate, so it could have easily been black tie but most girls had short cocktail dresses.  They had a shuttle go straight from the church to the estate, so hence the "welcome reception" to fill in the gap.
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