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Honeymoon... where to go?

We have uncertain of where to go for our honeymoon. We are talking to a travel agent and she's sent us a few trips. We have talked about and mostly looked into the Virgin Islands, but neither of us are really swimmers so snorkeling and all is out. I'm not sure it's such a great idea if we're not going to do snorkeling and everything water-related. We would also like to stay in the US since we're not sure we'll be able to get our passports in time.


Any suggestions? Where are you going?

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Re: Honeymoon... where to go?

  • What do you like to do on vacation? Are you a lie in the sun and get a tan type, or a go see the sights type? Do you like outdoor activities? Are you more interested in a place that offers lots of activities or a place with spa facilities and a relaxation focus?

    I'm considering this place http://www.thelodgeatwoodloch.com/ My friend went there with her husband and they really liked it. It's expensive but all inclusive and has a lot of different things to do: spa things, classes, lectures & demonstrations, outdoor activities. For July I'm thinking someplace NOT tropical is best for us. My FI and I are really pale and neither of us is big into hot weather and sun.
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