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September 2014 Weddings

Why did you pick your wedding day?

Why did you choose the day you are marrying for your day? Do the numbers mean something? Is it for a special reason? Season related, etc?

We chose September 6th because we knew Labor Day weekend was the weekend before, and didn't want that. We also wanted it to still be summery weather since we are marrying on a beach in Northern Ohio. The last thing we wanted was a big cold front! (fingers crossed) ;)
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Re: Why did you pick your wedding day?

  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    Nope, no special "meaning" behind the numbers. I never understand why people want their dating anniversary- we don't even have one of those.

    Same as you pretty much. We originally wanted Labor day weekend because that's when my parents fly to my state each year. But all the venues were more expensive for that weekend, and we had a few people complain that they didn't want to give up their camping weekend. So the next weekend (6th) my bridesmaid is in her brother's wedding. So we went with the next weekend (13th).



  • Alikat9614Alikat9614 member
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    FI and I work at a place where we pretty much never have weekends off. We first looked at the calendar of when we could both take a week off; there were two possible choices in September. Then, we called our VIPs and figured out which worked best for them. Our families were able to come either weekend (the 6th or the 13th), but a few very close friends could only do the 6th. So Septemebr 6th it is! It came down to convenience and availability
  • we both wanted a fall wedding, and wanted to have a better chance of warm weather, so we decided on September (over October). we chose the 13th because it was mid-month and hoping for some color, but nice, decent temperatures and weather. nothing special, just decided what was important as far as elements and details go! we booked everything early enough we had choice on whatever we wanted :]
  • theartistformerlyknownastheartistformerlyknownas peaced out. member
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    We knew we wanted fall, and wanted our venue. So then we just worked between when they had availability and around family birthdays, other weddings, and Yom Kippur (for a Jewish bridesmaid). Our date will become special as soon as we're married on it. :)

  • kaitlynmichellekaitlynmichelle British Columbia member
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    We wanted a fall wedding and needed it around the end of September or early October for our jobs. We booked an elopement package with our venue and asked for a range of dates. We picked the 23rd as it worked the best and we thought it was cool it is the autumn equinox.
    Our parents and siblings asked if they could come and eventually we decided to make it an immediate family only wedding. But as we were originally going to just be alone, that's why it is a Tuesday.
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  • HH2BeHH2Be member
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    No special meaning with our date either.  It is kind of funny that we had our first date the end of July, became official in August & now we're getting married the end of September.  I'm a teacher, so you'd like we'd pick summer, but FI isn't much of a hot weather guy.  I liked the idea of September, because the weather can still be gorgeous and the leaves are just starting to change.  The reason we went with the end of Sept. is because of the Jewish holidays, I get a 4 day weekend from work. (we don't have any deeply religious friends, plus our wedding is after sundown of the last night) No need to take time off work for me, unless I choose to take off Monday... but not sure, as our wedding is Friday.
  • We looked at venue and church availability. Sept 13 was the most convenient for both. 
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  • cupcait927cupcait927 Western NY wine country member
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    We knew we wanted a September wedding and picked the last Saturday that our venue had available. So we're getting married on September 27th, which turned out to be pretty special as FI's parents anniversary is October 27th and my nephew's birthday is May 27th. So now the 27th has even more meaning!
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  • ShallowSeasShallowSeas Indianapolis, IN member
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    We don't have a special meaning behind our 9/6 date. We knew we wanted to get married either at the end of the summer or early fall since we got engaged in December. I wanted at least 7 months to plan. We originally chose 8/30 as our date but when we asked our friends' band if they had the date available to play at our wedding, they already had a wedding booked that date. They had 9/6 free, so we called a few venues and luckily, the venue we really wanted had 9/6 open!
  • 9/14 is our 5 year dating anniversary but we wanted to get married on a Saturday so we chose 9/13! We thought it would be a good way to celebrate our anniversary and we only have to remember one date lol

  • We wanted a fall wedding and we also wanted our wedding to fall earlier in the term for FI's (year found) grad school schedule. When we realized that our dating anniversary fell on a Saturday this year and fit all the other criteria we went for it. We'll be married on the sixth of September on the sixth anniversary of our first date.
  • smgold6smgold6 member
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    I had always wanted a September date (both sets of grandparents and my parents were all married in September). My fiance wanted at least a year and a half engagement and September fit into that time frame. Plus the weather here in September is perfect, not too hot and not too cold. Then our venue told us the 27th was the date they had available so we swooped that up!

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  • Our dating anniversary is the 23rd and the 27th was the next closest date! I love the fall, so it all works out!
  • Bri36Bri36 member
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    Nothing special about the date, just wanted warm weather,  but not too hot. I live in North East ohio so the options are slim.  9/5 or 9/6 
  • it was the last saturday the venue had open 
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  • We picked our venue before our "date" - and the only two dates they had open were Aug 30th or Sept 13th.

    I didn't want Aug 30th because that's my BFF/MOH's wedding anniversary so we took 9/13!

  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    Convenience.  I'm done with grad school in August and September seemed reasonable. The venue we wanted had the date open. Done and done! 

  • We are getting married on the beach and picked the 27th because it most likely won't be too hot or cold. Our anniversary is sept 25th but we didn't even think of that at the time (I'm not sure he even realizes it yet)
  • skweekyskweeky member
    edited June 2014
    We decided on Sept. 13th.  

    We chose the location because that is where my maternal grandparents were married.
    And we decided the date because this is 10 years since my paternal grandma passed away and that is the day we would have all celebrated her birthday (Sept. 16th).  Always around her birthday and around the same time she passed it is always so sad.  I decided we don't need to be sad about it any more because she is waiting for us all in heaven.  

    And I'm a bit of a horror movie fan so every so often our anniversary will be Friday the 13th.   Lol
  • Both I and my fiance wanted a September wedding.  I wanted it for the fall yet still "warmish" weather and my fiance for the beginning of the Oktoberfest brews that are released :)  We chose September 6th because my fiance is a career firefighter and his "kelly days" (anyone who is marrying a firefighter will know what that means!) fall directly on our wedding week.  So he'll only have to take two 24hr shifts of vacation for our wedding and honeymoon!! Can't beat that!
  • No special reason for us. September just happened to be the only month that worked between my job and FI finishing up school in August and then having his state and national testing in late October.
  • We decided on September 26th. We wanted a fall wedding, but in Columbus Ohio during college football season its very hard to schedule. We went with a Friday for that reason and on Saturday both of our alma maters play each other in football :)
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