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Working out, lifting running with cancer

Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with stage 1 Hodgkins, after just coming out of recovery for thyroid surgery. I'm so relieved that this was caught so early (because of the thyroid surgery) and is now very treatable but I'm also pissed about finally being able to get back to things after surgery...and now being stymied with chemo. Not to mention with the possibility of hair loss and not having the hair length I was planning on for our October wedding :( My oncologist and nurse both said I could do whatever I'd normally do when I felt up to it, but it I did a five-mile run one day I might use up all of my energy reserved for the next few days so just be careful and don't push myself too much. Other that that and some stuff on the internets that are all pretty much versions of "Do things to keep active! But don't do too much!"

The good things are that my cancer is being treated so early and has a great prognosis. I also have an FI who has been awesome through all of this, and we are both fortunate to have loving family and friends. I also have off all summer from teaching which will help with the recovery from the chemo effects. I'm in great shape, typically run 3.5-6 miles 3 times a week, more like 5 in the summer, and do weight lIfting, insanity, and/or Pilates 1-2 times a week. I'm working on finishing my PhD and exercise has been my main stress reliever in a demanding, sedentary job. I think I'm about 5'5ish and my weight fluctuates between 120 and 125.

So other than treatment, my main goals this summer are to finish the revisions for my dissertation by the end of July and graduate, spend time with FI doing normal, fun summer acitivities whenever possible, and work out so i can keep at least some of my energy and strength. My sister teaches Pilates and she's coming out to visit/help in June so maybe we can do some modified exercises together.

I just had my first treatment today and I feel ok, but apparently you feel crappier the days following. I just hate the idea of not being the boss of my own body. If anyone has had experience with exercise during or post chemo, or knows of any resources, please share! Really, what I want is an exact schedule of how I'll be feeling and when--impossible as that is in everyday life normally :P
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