Winter wedding venue- south shore area?

Hi everyone,

We're thinking of a winter wedding in the South Shore area for between 50 - 75 people.  I love the idea of a cozy winter wedding, with white lights and possibly a fireplace :)  I loved the look of the Red Lion Inn in Cohasset, but the reviews are so inconsistent, I'm nervous to book there.  We looked at White Cliffs and loved it, but all the pictures were of summer weddings. I never thought I'd be getting married, and I don't have any sisters, so I'm a bit lost and overwhelmed. Any ideas would be welcome!

Re: Winter wedding venue- south shore area?

  • My first thought goes to Bittersweet Farm in Wesport...they don't have a fireplace, but it's definitely cozy and rustic. The venue already has some white light decorations, but I've seen winter weddings there that added more. So gorgeous. They have discounts in the winter season, too. 

    Mockingbird in East Bridgewater has new rooms you can book, too. They have a room with a fireplace. Looks cozy and has a really pretty outdoor area, which I imagine would be really pretty in the snow!

    Good luck!!
  • Oooh I haven't heard of either of those- I'll go look them up now.  Both sound like what we're looking for.  Thanks!
  • The Milton Hoosic Club in Milton is very nice. Multiple fireplaces and super charming! I'll be getting married there is fall! 
  • The Villa in East Bridgewater is our venue and the Medera Ballroom is as cozy as it gets!
  • Black Rock in Hingham has a fireplace room they only open to weddings in the winter.  Also - bancroft hall (Lighthouse keepers inn) in Cohasset is cozy and beautiful!
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