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Start time?

My ceremony is at 2:30, our hair appointment is at 9am at a nearby salon. We will then get ready, have lunch at my place, but I will not get in the dress until I'm at the church (around 1-130?)

Photographer timeline shows she usually starts at 11 and stays until 1030 pm.

Our videographers package is for 10 hours.

I'm more interested in getting fun video of my guests having a good time dancing, than I'm thinking of having the photos start sooner and end a little sooner, and our videographer start a little later so he can stay later.

Do I need the photographer there at the start of the hair appointment? Or could she come part way through, like at 10, or something? What do you ladies think?

If you were me, when would you want the photographer and videographer to show up?

Re: Start time?

  • We did not even have our photographer there at the salon while getting hair done.  I don't find those photos really flattering anyway.  And it's not like I'm going to frame those or put it in my album.  So my vote is go ahead and let the photographer come a little later.
  • I would have the photographer show up about 3/4 of the way through your hair appointment.  They really only need to get some of the finishing touches.  If you want pictures of your hair in rollers or teased out to crazy heights you can have a friend take them on your camera.

    photo composite_14153800476219.jpg
  • I'm on the same timeline. Ceremony at 2:30, starting hair & makeup at 9 at the venue. My photographer is an out of town friend who will be staying with me (at my house) so she will be with us the entire time. But I'm probably going to have the videographer come around 1:30 and get a few silly/romantic shots of us hanging out before we walk down the aisle. I definitely don't feel like I need him there getting my hair appointment. We are doing first look and bridal party photos from 12:30-2. 



  • I didn't have my photographer around for either my hair or makeup appointment.  I honestly don't feel like I missed anything important.  Our photography covered from the time I got into my dress through the grand exit.  We did a first look and all family portraits before the ceremony -- to me, having time for all of that was more important than getting ready photos.
  • I skipped the hair salon because too many girls at the salon (plus they still had regular clients coming in) and I needed calmness at that time, plus I didn't want those half done photos. Personally I would recommend keeping the photographer time the same. Here is why I'm making that suggestion is at the end of the night when a few of your guests may have a little too much to drink, they don't look as drunk in still photos as they do video. Also still photos will catch the great moments without the crazy drunk comments like " I luuuuuvvvv you guys"  Also still photos the photographer can edit out that crazy dancing person in the background easier then video. Not saying ditch video, but for the end of the night, photography can be a little more foregiving.
  • Do you want professional pics of you getting your hair done? Is it worth the extra money? For me it’s not. I'll have one of the girls take a few amateur shots. The photographer will come later.

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